Below are the expanded descriptions for the items required for an estimate and to manufacture your apparel at OPM. Should you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Product Samples

It is really helpful that we receive a correct sewn garment sample for trims, construction, and details. We will use it as a visual aid and quality guide for calculating the most correct estimate possible.


Digital Patterns

OPM accepts digital patterns to be compatible with Accumark Software (8.5 or higher).  We plan to add more software packages in the future. These patterns can be sent to us via email, flash drive, or CD. These patterns should be graded and have size codes and alteration tables already in place.


Tech Pack

Tech Packs vary radically in the industry.  Some are simple one page documents and others have many pages of very detailed notes. The best way of describing a tech pack is that it should contain all the necessary components and information needed to manufacture your garment.  It serves as the blue print for the design. It is typical for a designer to consult with the pattern maker, grader, and technical designer when producing the tech pack.  If necessary, you could outsource this function to a third party designer.  The tech pack usually contains the following items:


Technical Sketch

A detailed sketch (preferred Adobe Illustrator), or detailed photos showing accurate depictions of all construction. Please include front and back sketches or photos and any close ups or angles that help convey the design details.


Construction Details

These are details conveying types of seams, top-stitching, width and direction of top-stitching, seam allowance, buttonhole placement and spacing, etc.


Spec Sheet

This is a sheet showing all final measurements for the finished product (such as bust width, waist circumference, zipper length, skirt length, etc.). This includes all points of measure for the base size that are measurable on the finished garment to ensure correct fit.


Size Range

OPM will need to know which sizes your company intends to produce (e.g. 00-24 or XXS ??? 5XL). This will also act as a specification sheet detailing the measurements for all of your sizes. Size range should also indicate the base size that you are working from.


Grade Rules

A grade rule is the designated amount a pattern is made smaller or larger at one given point in order to make it fit a range of sizes. Basically, it???s the measured difference in size between one size and the next size up or down. OPM will need to have these provided. We can set these for you base on your size ranges but this will be an additional charge.



We will need you to detail, either in drawings or in photos, what labels will be needed and their exact placement on the garment. (Brand, Care & Made in USA)  Labels will need to be provided to OPM for placement.


Order of Operations

This is a list of sewing steps, in consecutive order, from the first step performed to the last, that are needed in order to construct the garment. Again, this is something we can provide for you should one not already be in place. However, if you have created an order of operations already, it will be helpful.


Customization Options

With our system it is easy to add many options and customization features to make your client feel and look unique.  Some possibilities are:

different necklines, sleeve style, pockets, length, trims, and color options. This information will be critical to our system???s manufacturing process.


Sales Projections

This is 100% confidential.  We need to be prepared to meet your requirements.  To determine if you will be a fit for OPM and our manufacturing model, we will need to know the sales projections for your product(s). As we specialize in one off direct to consumer, the more ???ones??? the better!  How many will you be ordering and over what period of time such as over the next 3 months, 6 months, or a year?  Are there any seasonality trends to your garments we should be prepared to meet?


Time Frame for Finished Product

What are your plans for your finished product? When do you expect the finished product to be available to your customers? Did you allow time for product development? Do you have important events scheduled, such as a photo shoot?


Ordering Method

OPM will develop a personal web portal for you (not your customer) to order your product.  At some point we will want to discuss automating the whole ordering process.


Shipping Method

Where will the products be shipped? With our business model, OPM is able to deliver direct to you or your consumer or both. Direct to Consumer shipping can be managed through the ordering portal. How quickly will your clients expect delivery and will they pay for faster service? Standard shipping and handling is $9.50. We also offer third party billing through UPS. All shipments will include tracking numbers which are emailed to you.


Packaging Requirements

We will need you to specify which method of packaging is preferable (poly bag, box with tissue paper, or other packaging method) and whether you will you be providing the shipping materials. We offer poly bags and basic shipping. Custom packaging is an option and we will price accordingly.


Raw Materials Provided to OPM

Fabric is probably the most important decision of your garment ??? we believe you should always have complete control.  The color, the hand, the weave, the weight, of your fabric is a very personal and important part of any garment.  We believe you should have absolute control over every choice.  Trusting an offshore representative to know exactly what you want can be risky, as is  relying on a yardage swatch sample to represent production.

The industry is full of stories of products coming in late, having been made out of substandard materials  or the wrong color


You will be required to provide all raw materials and components for the construction of the product.


As we move forward, we will require a Bill of Materials (BOM) of all relevant information regarding the raw materials needed to construct the product and where they were sourced.


   - Main and contrasting fabrics

   - Lining fabrics

   - Clothing Labels

   - Packing Inserts

   - Interfacing

   - All trims and closures



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