OnPoint Manufacturing strikes new partnership with made-to-order special occasion wear brand Bespoke Southerly

NASHVILLE, TN, November 12, 2019 - OnPoint Manufacturing, Inc., an innovative leader in on-demand personalized apparel manufacturing, announced today their most recent partnership with customizable special occasion wear brand, Bespoke Southerly.


Bespoke Southerly was founded by Sheri Turnbow in 2018 with a capsule collection of special occasion dresses that are customizable. These dresses are made for women who appreciate timeless silhouettes and investment pieces created to last as wardrobe staples. Each garment is made to order, using OnPoint Manufacturing's state-of-the-art manufacturing services, and allows customers to choose details like their favorite color, perfect hem length, pockets, etc. Bespoke Southerly dresses are known for their high-quality construction. Each dress is made from 100% silk fabrics, is fully lined and includes thoughtful details like interior corsets on strapless styles.


"Who hasn't shopped for hours in search of the perfect dress, only to come up empty," asked Bespoke Southerly founder, Sheri Turnbow. "Sometimes you find the perfect silhouette, but the color isn't flattering. Other times you find a great color, but there's no time to have the hem length altered. This constant dilemma inspired me to create Bespoke Southerly."


"The brand name and dress styles were inspired by my Southern upbringing in Georgia and Virginia. Southerly means 'a wind blowing from the South,' and the dresses evoke Southern elegance with timeless, classic appeal," said Turnbow.


It was important to Turnbow that her garments be made with care in the United States. She wanted to ensure good working conditions and living wages and she wanted to know the people making the clothes so she could have a personal and trusting relationship with them. Environmental responsibility and sustainability were also of importance to Turnbow. OnPoint gave her peace of mind knowing that each order was cut with little to no waste, and with no minimum order quantities, she wouldn't need to worry about excess inventory ending up in a landfill.


"OnPoint uses cutting edge digital technology so each garment is machine cut ensuring accurate sizing and minimal variation," said Turnbow. "That helps ensure a high-quality garment each time."


Turnbow also knew she could scale her business using OnPoint. "OnPoint makes one garment at a time with custom options, but they also have the ability to make large quantities of garments as needed. That is important to me as my business grows. I can quickly scale up so customers continue to receive their orders on time and for retail partners and stockists who want to carry the line."


"We are proud to partner with Sheri and BeSpoke Southerly," said J. Kirby Best, CEO of OnPoint Manufacturing. "Her business model of personalization and custom manufacturing using high quality fabrics works perfectly with our systems. As we continue to innovate with new technologies, we love being able to pass those

innovations on to our customers so they can grow their businesses with us."


OnPoint's on-demand manufacturing model is the most efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing model today delivering exceptional value and quality by giving customers exactly what they want when they want it. OnPoint is focused on the further development of software to software communication to streamline the entire process from design to final product by improving lead time and reducing costs while also reducing errors and waste. These improvements will ultimately help OnPoint's customers get from concept to production more efficiently.


About Bespoke Southerly


Founded in 2018 in Maryland, Bespoke Southerly creates beautiful customizable special occasion wear. Each garment is made to order in the USA just for you by people we know and trust. This gives you the ability to customize your dress by choosing details like fabric color, trim options and your perfect hem length - or even adding pockets. Because each garment is cut one at a time using only the materials necessary, there is little to no waste in manufacturing and no excess inventory going to landfills, which we love. Hoorah for the environment! Our styles are timeless and meant to be investment pieces for your wardrobe that you will cherish for years to come. The result? One dress beautifully made that not everyone else is wearing. Visit www.bespokesoutherly.com to find your perfect dress.


About OnPoint Manufacturing, Inc.


OnPoint Manufacturing specializes in purchase-activated, on-demand, personalized apparel manufacturing. OnPoint has developed technologically advanced manufacturing and distribution solutions for the apparel industry's CDM. Our factory model automates and integrates nearly every aspect of the manufacturing process from order entry to delivery. The integrated components driven by complex software solutions allow OnPoint to manufacture unique SKUs on demand thereby eliminating inventory costs and streamlining the supply chain. Founded by CEO J. Kirby Best, OnPoint maintains a manufacturing facility in Florence, Alabama, with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. OnPoint was named 2019 Alabama Manufacturer of the Year by the Business Council of Alabama and the Alabama Technology Council.


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