Apparel Seamstress / Sewer


Growing company seeks experienced individual to make custom-sewn apparel. You must be experienced with industrial sewing equipment. You should be comfortable with measuring and patterning. You should enjoy making attractive, precise, custom-sewn products from scratch. You will be working with a wide variety of fabric and materials. Flexible hours, Competitive Pay. Very willing to work with someone who has industrial cut and sew experience to help them apply their skills to the apparel manufacturing trade.


Nature of Job:

Sewer often works cut, trim, sew apparel according to the company or client?s demand.


Basic Tasks:

   - Cut, sew, trim and stitch clothes and other tailored products.

   - Sew clothes using sewing machine or other stitching machines.

   - Inspect finished product and do finishing touches.

   - Hand stitch edges or linings.

   - Iron clothes (if necessary).


Education and Training Requirements:

   - High school or equivalent

   - Must have at least 3-5 years experience as a sewer or tailor.


Skills and Competency Requirements:

   - Knowledge in sewing, both hand and machine sewing.

   - Knowledge and ability on different kinds of stitches and design.

   - Knowledge in different kinds of clothes.

   - Knowledge and ability to sew different kinds of clothes.

   - Knowledge in fashion designing is a plus.

   - Ability to use sewing machines.

   - Communicates well.


Job Type: Full-time


Work Environment:

Sewers work in an temperature controlled apparel factory setting.


Work Hours:

Sewer often works for 8 hours a day Monday through Friday, including overtime if required during Peak Seasons.


Job Location:

Florence, Alabama



About OnPoint Manufacturing, Inc.

OnPoint Manufacturing specializes in On-Demand Mass Customization developing technically advanced manufacturing and distribution solutions for the apparel industry. Our factory model automates and integrates almost every aspect of the manufacturing process from order entry to delivery.  The cohesive components that are driven by complex software allow OnPoint to manufacture millions of unique SKU's on-demand reducing inventory costs and streamlining the whole supply chain.  Founded by CEO J. Kirby Best, OnPoint maintains a manufacturing facility in Florence, Alabama, with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.



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